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Take a quick online test and we’ll use your responses to determine how your business is performing against the 6 categories of a best workplace. You’ll get a report with your score and recommendations for improvement across the following areas:

Best workplace method

Does your workplace follow a
proven framework for success?

The 6-part Best Workplace Method will help you better lead and manage your employees and improve your bottom line. The proven framework will give you, your employees and your customers the kind of satisfaction that will make you the envy of your competitors.

We have a highly capable people and culture manager on-site who has significant experience and is strategic in approach, and we are further supported by a team of HR and WHS experts at Harrison HR, thus saving on the cost of employing our own HR team that would not match the level of expertise and qualifications of Harrison HR. This has given me and my leadership team confidence in growing our business.

Lloyd Bartlett, MD, Country Chef


Be brave in your approach to business and life
Be authentic in your communication
Love what you do and have fun doing it


Inspire with your vision and live your values
Grow, train and develop your people
Recognise and reward the right things


Attract amazing people to you
Select superstars for the job and organisation
Promote from within


Focus on business deliverables
Expect high performance
Give feedback in the moment


Know what you need to reward
Recognise the personal and professional
Encourage people to achieve great things


Care for your people and their families
Embrace differences in your team
Nurture your employees mentally and physically

Become the leader you want to be

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