Churches of Christ – Transformational HR Projects

Churches of Christ

Churches of Christ – Transformational HR Projects

4,000 employees

Victoria and Queensland, Australia

Churches of Christ is proud to provide help, care and home to more than 25,000 Australians across 100 communities each year.

With almost 4,000 employees across Queensland and Victoria and a large internal People and Culture team, they’re an experienced not-for-profit provider of 200 different retirement & aged care, foster & kinship care, family support, youth support, social housing and Christian faith services.

The everchanging People and Culture landscape and strategic direction of the organisation necessitated a strategic response, leading to the recognition of opportunities for process efficiencies and talent optimisation across the organisation. However, the internal People and Culture team were fully utilised and at capacity. 


Churches of Christ engaged Harrisons to lead the execution of three key strategic HR projects. 

  • Standardising recruitment processes 
  • Implementing an RN Graduate Program 
  • Establishing a Personal Care Worker Traineeship Program 

These initiatives collectively aimed to address the internal P&C team’s busy schedule and position Churches of Christ for long-term success. By enhancing operational efficiency, standardising processes, and strategically addressing workforce shortages, the Projects aimed to navigate the evolving landscape of seniors’ living, ensuring both sustainability and a continued commitment to high-quality care. 


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It really was exceptional to have Harrisons with us. I am incredibly grateful for the momentum they have been able to provide, not to mention the assurance that with the right expertise focused on the right topics we are able to gain tremendous value, including significant team and financial benefits.


Drew Standish, Executive Director Shared Services, Churches of Christ

Harrisons dedicated a Head Consultant to support the execution of these projects through strategic project management, change management and creating efficiency through process optimisation and automation. As a result, the internal team has increased capacity to the point that the organisation is in a position not to replace certain roles as team members have resigned based on the increased output from the team despite decreased investment of time and headcount. 

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