22 Employees

Sydney and Melbourne

Havwoods is a global timber flooring company with 22 employees across Australia at Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne; and a global head office in the UK. Havwoods previously outsourced limited HR requirements such as employment contracts to an external consultant. With plans for further growth of the company and family succession, they identified the need for a comprehensive review and improvement of their HR practices to help with maximising employee productivity and business performance.


Firstly, we conducted a one-day HR Health Check to review and evaluate existing HR practices, understand future business plans, and people capacity and capability to achieve the plans. From there we were able to prioritise HR strategies in a People and Culture Plan that aligned with the business strategy. To achieve their desired revenue targets, the major areas of identified priority were individual accountability, capability and performance of the sales function. Based on the feedback of managers and employees completing the Great Workplace Quiz the high priority areas were also: organisational culture and communication, leadership, and attraction, recruitment and induction.

Havwoods requested assistance with the implementation of the recommended People and Culture Plan, plus ongoing HR coaching to optimise the management, motivation and productivity of employees.

Harrison Human Resources partnered with Havwoods as their HR Team to implement their People and Culture Plan, including:

  • Conducting an employee engagement survey and developing the company’s action plan with the management team
  • Facilitating a workshop with the management team to draft behavioural competencies to support organisational values
  • Developing a performance and development review system, and training of managers
  • Issuing new employment contracts to all employees to ensure compliance with Modern Awards and legislation
  • Assisting with recruitment, selection and onboarding of new team members
  • Advice around performance management and other people management issues
  • Developing a HR Policy Manual and updating the Employee Handbook


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“In Partnering With Harrison Human Resources, We Engaged The Right Team To Ensure We Met Our HR Obligations And Instil Confidence In Our Employees That Havwoods Protect Their Best Interest.

Harrison Human Resources Has Greatly Contributed To The Achievement Of Our Company Goals By Improving The Organisational Culture.

Personally, Engaging Harrison Human Resources Has Given Me Peace Of Mind That We Are Fulfilling And Exceeding Our Employer Obligations And Growing A Great Company Culture At Havwoods.”

David Hickson, Managing Director, Havwoods International

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