Transforming Workforce Management: A Successful HRIS Implementation for Play Matters Australia

Play Matters

Transforming Workforce Management: A Successful HRIS Implementation for Play Matters Australia

125 employees plus volunteers

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia



Play Matters Australia, also known as Playgroup Qld, is a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting and promoting the importance of play for children and families. With a mission to strengthen communities through playgroups, they sought to streamline their HR processes to better support their employees and volunteers. To achieve this, Play Matters Australia collaborated with Harrisons, a leading HR consultancy, renowned for their expertise in HRIS implementation, award interpretation, project management, and change management.

Work Undertaken:

Harrisons began by conducting an in-depth analysis of Play Matters Australia’s existing HR processes and systems. Their team of experienced HR consultants engaged with key stakeholders to understand the specific pain points and requirements. Based on this comprehensive assessment, a tailored HRIS solution was proposed, and the implementation plan was developed with meticulous attention to detail.

The project encompassed various stages, including:

  1. Needs Analysis and System Selection: Harrisons guided Play Matters Australia in selecting the most suitable HRIS, ensuring it aligned perfectly with their organisational objectives and unique needs.
  2. HRIS Implementation: Leveraging their expertise in HRIS, Harrisons seamlessly integrated the selected platform into Play Matters Australia’s operations, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruptions.
  3. Award Interpretation: Harrisons provided valuable insights into award interpretation, helping Play Matters Australia maintain compliance with relevant employment regulations.
  4. Project Management: Throughout the implementation process, Harrisons exhibited exceptional project management skills, adhering to timelines and budgets, while effectively communicating progress to the stakeholders.
  5. Change Management: Recognising the challenges that come with change, Harrisons facilitated a change management strategy to support the organisation’s employees during the transition phase.


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We are thrilled with the outstanding service and expertise Harrisons provided throughout our HRIS implementation project. Their team’s attention to detail and ability to truly understand our organisation’s needs was commendable. From selecting the right HRIS to managing the implementation process, they exhibited professionalism and dedication.

Harrisons’ award interpretation knowledge proved invaluable in ensuring our compliance with employment regulations, giving us peace of mind. Their project management skills were top-notch, keeping us informed every step of the way. Moreover, their change management approach helped our employees adapt seamlessly to the new system.

Thanks to Harrisons, our HR processes are now efficient, and our employees are more engaged with the self-service features of the HRIS. We highly recommend Harrisons to any organisation seeking HR solutions and support – they truly delivered beyond our expectations.”

Kate Williams, Executive Manager – Operations, Play Matters Australia


The collaborative effort between Play Matters Australia and Harrisons resulted in several noteworthy outcomes:

  1. Efficient HR Processes: With the streamlined HRIS in place, administrative tasks were significantly reduced, allowing HR personnel to focus on strategic initiatives.
  2. Enhanced Compliance: Harrisons’ expertise in award interpretation ensured that Play Matters Australia remained compliant with employment laws, mitigating potential risks.
  3. Improved Employee Experience: The user-friendly HRIS empowered employees to access and manage their own data easily, fostering a positive employee experience.
  4. Data-Driven Decision Making: The HRIS provided valuable insights through analytics and reporting, enabling data-driven decision-making for the organisation’s leadership.

Benefits and Values:

The collaboration with Harrisons brought about several benefits for Play Matters Australia:

  1. Tailored Solutions: Harrisons understood the unique requirements of Play Matters Australia and provided a customised HRIS solution that catered to their specific needs.
  2. Expertise and Guidance: Harrisons’ team of HR consultants brought in-depth expertise in HRIS implementation, award interpretation, project management, and change management, providing invaluable guidance throughout the process.
  3. Seamless Implementation: Harrisons’ meticulous planning and execution ensured a smooth and hassle-free HRIS implementation, minimising disruptions to day-to-day operations.
  4. Long-Term Support: Even after the successful implementation, Harrisons continued to offer ongoing support, ensuring that Play Matters Australia’s HRIS remained optimised and effective.
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