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Top 9 Benefits of an Outsourced HR Team

Many businesses require the expertise of HR professionals when they are experiencing growth or organisational change but don’t need a full time HR Manager on an ongoing basis. These services can be provided externally but there are great benefits for a HR Consultant being embedded or becoming a part of your organisation for a period of time.

Whatever activities the HR Consultant is contracted to perform there are many reasons why it is beneficial for them to work on site in the same manner as other employees of the organisation.

Here Are The Top 9 Benefits Of An Outsourced On-Site HR Team

1 – Flexibility

Contracting a HR professional gives you flexibility as you may only require part-time HR services or a HR contractor on an ad hoc basis, but you can secure someone with high level expertise without having to make a long-term employment commitment.

2 – Culture Fit

A HR contractor who suits your organisation’s culture and works on site embedded within your organisation can truly understand the people and culture of your organisation and therefore be most effective.

3 – Business Understanding

By working on-site in the same manner as an employee, participating in related meetings and activities, an embedded HR contractor develops a solid understanding of your business’ operations, industry and goals.

4 – Relationships

An outsourced, on-site HR Team establishes valuable relationships with managers and employees giving them direct, personable access to HR support.

5 – Cost Benefits

More cost effective than having management, who are unqualified in HR, taking on HR activities.  Management are freed up to focus on their core role and for less than the cost of an employed HR Team you can have the same level of commitment from experienced, qualified HR professionals for the period you require their services.

6 – Back up

Our on-site HR Managers have the back up of a team of other HR, recruitment work health and safety, leadership and payroll experts to deliver a complete HR service to clients.  If your HR Manager is unavailable, then you have the back-up of these other experts and if your HR Manager leaves they are able to be quickly replaced.

7 – Pay for What you Need

Outsourced service providers are able to deliver a wide range of services to meet your specific requirements by a team of experts with diverse skills, qualifications and experience.  This includes generalist HR Managers, Recruitment Consultants, HR Coordinators, Leadership Coaches and IR Advocates.

8 – Stability

Organisations experiencing change whether that be growth, downsizing or a change of leadership can benefit from having an experienced HR professional on-site to manage HR issues related to change management.

9 – IP

You receive the benefit of the HR service provider’s developed and tested IP rather than having to develop from scratch.  This should cover the full range of the HR framework from contracts, policies to training, recruitment, onboarding and HRIS.


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