How Does Your Employee Value Proposition Stack Up?

There is no doubt about it, in Australia we are currently in a candidate short market. These candidates aren’t ‘missing’ or hiding under a rock, they simply aren’t moving as frequently or easily from their current employers. According to SEEK almost 70% of active job seekers agreed with the statement ‘looking for a job is overwhelming’, while 34% agree with the statement ‘I was planning to leave my current job but decided to stay because of COVID-19’. Job security is a priority for many candidates post a global pandemic, however there are ways to make them feel comfortable about considering a change.

With all the extra opportunities in the market for job seekers, it is more paramount now than ever before, that not only your company brand is on point, but also your organization’s Employee Value Proposition, or EVP. Your EVP can be the determining factor in not only attracting talent but also retaining or losing said talent. So much more than just a HR buzzword, it helps a business articulate and communicate what (other than a salary) is on offer for joining and remaining with an organization.

It’s important to point out the difference here with your employer brand. While your Employee Value Proposition speaks to your potential and existing employees and what they receive in return for working for your company, your employer brand refers to the reputation the wider world (i.e. clients/customers) have of you.

Without a strong and well-articulated EVP most recruitment attempts will produce very vanilla results. The current candidate-driven market means employers need to work harder to attract quality talent and retain their employees.

The entire recruitment process is vital to attracting and retaining good candidates, from the initial search and selection of talent, right through to the on-boarding and performance reviews throughout the early stages of employment. Even if you have a solid EVP, if the initial recruitment experience is inadequate, you may be losing excellent employees before you even get started.

First impressions count, especially in the world of recruitment. So many opportunities to either succeed or fail miserably. Advertising campaigns, initial application processes, first phone call, initial face to face meeting, second meetings, offers and negotiations, first day on the job, executed reviews and feedback sessions (or lack thereof) etc. etc. etc.

Workforce attraction and retention is one of the hardest jobs in any business and unfortunately there is no one size fits all answer on how to do it well. But by realizing the importance behind the need to have a well thought out EVP, candidate attraction and engagement strategy, you are at least on the path to success.

At Harrison HR we have recognized the value we can add to our client’s recruitment and onboarding processes through true and authentic partnerships. Helping uncover your Employee Value Proposition, creating your own innovative go to market strategies, and supporting you every step of the way throughout the onboarding of your new talent. We believe the lifecycle of recruitment partnerships shouldn’t end in tandem with your employee’s probationary period.

For a discussion around how we can help you and your business attract the talent you need now, please don’t hesitate to reach out for a private and confidential discussion.


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