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Time poor? Try a recruitment and onboarding service

Not enough time to recruit that vacant position?

Effective people management is an essential aspect of any growing and successful business as it involves the management of people and culture to achieve the desired organisational outcomes.

Unfortunately however, many businesses lack the capacity to dedicate a number of staff to HR alone.

Under such circumstances, many choose to contract a human resources consultant to engage a full recruitment and onboarding service, leaving owners, managers and team members with the ability to focus on running the business.

The question then is – what’s involved with a recruitment and onboarding service?

There are a number of ways that a HR consultant may help with the recruitment and selection of new people, which can drastically improve the productivity and cohesion of a workplace.

Recruit and Induct

To recruit new staff is somewhat of an time consuming task for many business managers and owners – the steps involved in a new recruit are extensive. Much of the inconvenience associated with recruitment can be alleviated through the hiring of a HR specialist. In particular, these specialists can effectively manage a number of the steps involved in this process, ensuring that the optimum candidates are selected. Several of these steps are listed below.

Initial Stages

There are a number of stages that ought to be completed prior to commencing to recruit and a HR consultant will ensure that these are done proficiently. Most notably, a concise job description must be developed.

Following this, the human resources consultant will ensure that a job advertisement is publicised through all relevant avenues. The applications in response to which will be received and reviewed by the consultant.

Interview Stages

The interview stages of recruitment are arguably the most time demanding – particularly when considering the extensiveness of a manager’s other duties. HR specialists can be consulted during these stages to great effect. The assistance can range from the development of interview guides that are tailored for each applicant, to the coaching of managerial staff on their interviewing technique.

Another important feature of this stage is the assessment process. Most HR firms will offer their clients an assessment on the applicants – including their personality and their ability. This will then have a bearing on the shortlist of prospective applicants, which will also be completed by an effective HR consultant.

Post Interview

The post interview stage requires just as much attention as the steps preceding it and hiring a good human resources firm will ensure that this stage is conducted to a high standard. Specifically, the post interview stage involves a number of background and eligibility checks; namely criminal and qualification checks.

If these return successfully and in accordance with the requirements of the position, then the HR firm can draft a job offer for successful applicants following which they will negotiate employment contracts and manage the remaining administrative requirements of the successful and unsuccessful candidates.

Induction and Onboarding

The induction stage of employment would typically necessitate constant oversight from managers, owners or other employees, however with the assistance of a proficient HR consultant this needn’t be the case.

The best of Australia’s human resources firms offer online induction courses and practical assistance with the integration of new employees into their position and the workplace as a whole, including follow-up check-ins with the employee and manager.

Want to learn more about Recruitment and Onboarding?

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We’ll lend an expert ear to your concerns and discuss some suggested steps for moving forward.

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